Helpful Tips On How To Score High In Post-UTME Exams.


Are you about to write Post-Utme exams? Are you finding it difficult on how to prepare for your upcoming exams? Then not to worry bel0w are some tips that can guide you on how to score high in your upcoming exams.

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Helpful Tips That Can Make You Pass Post-UTME Exams

There are many ways to pass Post-UTME exams some might even be familiar to you but have it in mind that the method that works for me might not work for you and vice versa. Although your method of passing your Post-UTME exams might be different but out of the many i am about to list one will surely be helpful to you.

The first on our list on how to pass Post-UTME exams is to:

Pray To God

Everything we do needs God intervention , so you need to put God first in your exams.Before you start reading you can pray to God for a mind to help you remember you can also pray before you write your exam so that he will guide you and you can pray when you have finished writing your exam so that the people marking it will not make mistake.

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Avoid Procrastination

This is one thing that kills students they always like postponing. Exam might be three weeks from now and they will be like i will read tomorrow that tomorrow will come and they will be like i will read next tomorrow before they know it exam date is near and then they start cramming and reading overnight just to cover what they were ought to cover weeks ago.

Have the mindset that your exam is tomorrow and that if you do not read today it will be too late. Say no to procrastination.

Set A Goal

Challenge yourself on the score you want to get in your Post-UTME exam nothing is impossible.If you don’t continually prepare yourself and mind to pass this exam, there is nothing someone else can do to prepare you.After targeting the score you want to get do not just sit back and relax instead start making plans that can make you obtain that score.

Patrice Past Questions

Past questions are like preambles on how your Post-UTME Exam questions will be like. Getting familiar with these questions will take you a long way in helping you do well in your exams.You have no idea on how to get past questions? It is very easy. Post-UTME past questions are sold in bookshops around Universities and various lecture houses. Or visit our site for some Past questions

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Read To Remember

You can read a whole book and finish it in minutes or hours but the question is, can you remember some of the things you read? MR.A can pick a book and read for 20minutes and go to exam hall and score high while MR. B can be reading for 24hours and still read on the exam day and end up failing. The difference between the both parties is REMEMBRANCE 

Some ways you can remember what you read is by

  •  Taking notes: you can have a small jotter just to help you keep some valid points on what you have read.
  • Examples: You can set some useful examples that can help you remember some definitions while in the exam hall

If you can remember the things you read you will have no problem when writing your exam

Attend Tutorials

The benefit you will gain from attending tutorials is that it will help you check yourself to know if you are really ready and also it will revive your memory about what you have always known. From the tutorials you will also be able to meet up with different people that will help give you some other tips on how they study.

Test Yourself

You can not just continue reading for hours.Schedule a particular time when you will ask yourself some questions so as to know how ready you are for the exam.

Ways on how to test yourself:

  • Make use of past questions
  • Ask your friends or people around you to ask you questions on what you have read
  • Answer past questions without you looking at the answer section
  • Group reading
  • Go up on the web to search for more questions that are related with what you are reading

Reach Your Exam Venue On Time

Getting to the exam hall early will help you to relax your mind it will also help you to remember all what you have read and create a time for you to meditate. Imagine a situation when you get to the venue when the exam has already started you will be in a rush to settle down and it will take you time to organize yourself that is wrong. Instead reach there on time settle down, check if your writing materials are complete and relax.

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