Private Universities VS. Public Universities in Nigeria, Which Is Better?


Are you a Jamb A Student Wondering which type of University is better for you to study: Public or Private ?

Hmm…. A tough decision to make but is ready to help you with that decision.

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Are you currently not sure which kind of University in Nigeria is better to study in: Private or Public, then this article is for you. Read through, you’ll find the details interesting.

Advantages of Public Universities Over Private Universities in Nigeria

1. Cost- Public Universities Are Cheaper

Public university chepaer

Before I go any further, I must say that if you don’t have the money, steer clear of private universities. 

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In some of the most expensive Private Universities in Nigeria,  you pay as much as 5.75 Million Naira as tuition for some courses where as in Some of the Cheapest Public Universities in Nigeria  you pay as low as 30,000 Naira for a whole year.

The difference is clear. Private Universities are much more expensive than Public.

As a student in a Private Nigerian University,  the average tuition fee is 30,000 Naira.


Public Universities,  due  to their age,  tend to have more infrastructure.

You get to see a lot of buildings, faculties and lecture theatres in Public Schools.

3.Experienced Lecturers

In case you didn’t know, most top administrators and top lecturers in private universities lecture in Public Universiies.

As a student in  a Public University, you get to be taught by a good number experienced lecturers.

4. Exposure

Unlike private universities where students are treated as underage and boarding house secondary school students, in Public Universities, the students learn to live independently.

You get to cook for yourself if you so wish, plan where you would go to,  arrange your daily schedule and plan your life daily.

You are not restricted from leaving school by anybody.

If you don’t plan your days we’ll,  you could end up graduating poorly or not graduating at all.

The  experience  you gain would definitely be helpful in building you from a young student into an adult.

Advantages Of Private Universities Over Public Universities in Nigeria

How was the first phase of this article?

Hope you are not feeling like Private Universities aren’t worth the cash.

Here comes the reasons why you should attend a Private University if you have the money.

1. No Strike

This is one of the top reasons why you should choose a Private University.

Currently, NAAT,  NASU and SSANU Are On Strike.

These strike never affect you if you study in a Private University.

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These strikes delay Public School students and could affect their enthusiasm for learning.

Strikes could also increase the number of years you spend in school. This could adversely affect you when seeking job if age is not on your side.

2. You Get Value For Your Money

As a student in a Private University, you are paid special attention: in classes, from lecturers and other administrators.

Your success more of a concern to the authority compared to a Public University.

In short “you get more attention “.

3. Security is Priority

As a student in a Private University, you are not allowed to go out easily without permission from your parents.

Little or No Secret  Cult Activities go on in Private Universities.

Security in Private Universities is much better.

4. Timely Calender

The start and end dates of semesters are fixed.

Youare not interrupted by anything like strike.

Hence you  graduate as at when due.


5. Newer Facilities

Unlike the delapitated facilities you get to see in Public Schools, the facilities in Private universities are more recent and paid attention to.

They are newer and more modern. Only very few Public Universities share theirattribute.

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6. Neater Hostels

I guess images would describe this more to you than words. Take a quick look, see

AUN hostel


OAU hostel

Which of the two do you think is better and more conducive for resting and reading after a hectic day?

7. More Conducive Learning Environment For You

Generally,  the learning environment is more conducive for you to learn in  Private Universities.

The environment is usually neater with more conducive hostels classes,etc.


After the Above Comparisons,  which University would you rather attend: Public or Private???

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